Trash or Treasure

Saturday, 12/28/19 at 6:30 pm
Dave & Michelle's
2577 Christopher Oaks Ct.
Bring A Trash or Treasure Gift(s)
and a Tasty Food Dish
Trash or Treasure!
Michelle will be preparing her always delicious Italian Beef dish.
Call Michelle if any questions or for dish ideas to bring.
Additional Details
Each attendee should bring a trash or a treasure gift.
(A couple would bring one of each.)
We will have food and drink (beer, soda & some cocktails) and we welcome appetizers, sides and any additional beverages you wish.
The Trash or Treasure gift exchange starts promptly at 8 pm and as always, you can expect a twist or two to this years game.
We intend to finish Trash or Treasure by 9 pm so any additional family or friends you wish to invite can plan to arrive around then.